St. John the Baptist, Weston-super-Mare

The Parish Church of Weston-super-Mare – Church of England

Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety representatives constantly review and revise our Health & Safety policy according to Diocesan and nation church guidelines. Any questions please use the Contact Form.

Keeping all those involved with our church and its activities safe is very important. Nobody wants to see anyone suffer an injury, so it is important that our church takes steps to protect users of our building.

It is important we take precautions to manage any risks at ourchurch as some aspects of health and safety law willapply. For example, as we control non-domestic premises such as a church meeting room, we have to ensure that the premises are safe, including any plant or equipment there.

We need to ensure that reasonable precautions are in place at our church to keep it safe for those who use it. To do this, you need to think about what might cause harm to people. We will then need to decide if the precautions already in place are adequate. If they are not, we may need to identify further action to prevent any danger. For exampleManual Handling(lifting or carrying):

Bulky or unwieldy furniture

Heavy audio visual or computer equipment

General rubbish that may include breakages (for example, glass)

Trips,slips, fall from heights,

First aid andFire evacuation etc

When done formally, this is known as a risk assessment.

Afurtherexample could be if we have construction or refurbishment work completed at our church. We have to ensure specific safety responsibilities are met, and all involved are aware of theirresponsibilities.

We also have to comply with relevant legal requirements.

At the end of the day Health & Safety is the responsibility of us all andwe as your Health&Safety reps cannot do our jobs without your help and co-operation..

Peter Morgan and Angela Squire


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